Nature is art. Whether animate or inanimate, the geometric symmetries that exist within her chaotic order never cease to inspire me. As human beings we “possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life” Edward O. Wilson. In a digital world where continuous distractions interrupt our attention, my concerns lie deeply within the increasing human need for connection to nature and to one another. I am driven to create artwork that not only embraces its surrounding environment, but that helps define and transform it into multi-sensory places where people gather, interact with nature, and engage with one another.

As a universal language of symbols, abstract art allows me to communicate beyond the barriers of linguistics. I like to work on a large scale, using indigenous natural materials when possible. Deeply rooted in the Classical ideals of beauty and proportion, my Greek Heritage has fueled me with its rich symbolism and mythology which I refer to often. As a native of Colorado, I have always found solace in nature and seek to protect her, either by sustainably using found materials which I can re-purpose or by incorporating alternative sources of energy into the design.