Beyond Barriers II: “The Re-Emergence of the Strong Feminine” is a collection of sculptures, all related to classical symbols of strong feminine characteristics, “Anima”, which exist in us all, both males and females. Some of these attributes represent compassion, intuition, tolerance, wisdom and grace.

This series is about the need to break down barriers that limit growth within our cultural belief systems at all levels of society, be it within families, within a city, a country or globally.

These sculptures represent the need to shift away from the predominantly masculine, “Animus”, traits of power, achievement, dominance and detachment, synonymous with present day survival, to a stronger feminine “Anima” which embraces leadership with vulnerability and celebrates thriving.

Deeply rooted in the Classical ideals of beauty and proportion, my Greek Heritage has fueled me with its rich symbolism and mythology, to which I refer to often. It is a source of light and great depth.

As a universal language of symbols, abstract art has always allowed me to communicate beyond the barriers of linguistics.

In our world gone digital, this seems to be increasingly important, as face to face dialog is becoming increasingly scarce, and the flow of genuine human interaction is in continuous disruption.

If we are to thrive, we must find within ourselves the means to express, to create and to surrender into a more compassionate way of living and sharing with others.

I am often asked how and why I create both 2d and 3d artwork. My answer is simple:

Sculpture, much like a column, defines a space, creating a place where people gather and experience it from all angles. Unlike a painting on a wall, it obstructs our paths, prompting movement and inquiry.

By nature, its permanent physical presence requires a powerful universal and timeless statement along with a lengthy and demanding creative process. As a result, its execution is more cerebral and planned.

After our Beyond Barriers II sculpture series was featured in a 4 page spread for the  2019 La Biennale di Venezia issue of World of Art Magazine (images below), we were contacted by La Biennale and invited to be a contributing Artist for the Biennale Arte 2020 Exhibition. Download our 4 page PDF HERE.