The Oracle, The Wishing Well

//The Oracle, The Wishing Well
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Project Description

Sculpture, by Marina Warren Nash

The Oracle is a place, be it a physical one or a state of mind, that is unclouded by reason or judgement. It is a place where one goes to seek answers, to listen to ones soul, to be contemplative awaiting directive advice from within. The goddess who presided over the Oracle, was a symbol of feminine intuition, inspiration, contemplation, mystery and prophecy.

I have chosen to create this Oracle as a contemplative fountain that hovers above a surface of water. Spilling from spouts marked with clear, environmental statements “Keep my Water Clean,” the water pools into a limestone well and cascades into the body of water below it.

Pennsylvania Limestone (Lintel from the Heinz estate)
Colorado sandstone
cast iron drain
pump for fountain function

Project Details