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The “Flow” series is about movement, rhythm and flow. Plays of light, transparency and color invite the viewer to seek beyond the reflections of self, and to allow the mind to imagine its own healing dance.

Flow for me is about movement. It’s about everything that has shape, musical flow, rhythm. I think of a stream, flowing water that you, what do you say – you can never step into the same stream twice or the same water twice. It surprises me actually. There’s a lot of surprise in flow because it’s so momentous – is that a word – of the moment. And at times I am very surprised at what is coming from my hand.

That’s another part of flow, it’s what’s flowing through me… I’m not exactly sure, it’s possible that it’s some divine energy, some universal power, or something else but it’s definitely not me.

Flow I ~ Acrylic on Canvas

Flow II ~ Acrylic on Canvas

Flow & The Empty Canvas

An empty canvas is a metaphor really, for meditation, empty mind, empty space, as I do when I am meditating, where I try to allow whatever is coming into that space as I do when I am meditating. If it’s just thoughts I try to let them go but, if it’s feelings then that would begin some kind of emotional flow with that i would want to pursue in color, form and texture.

I can stay there, that’s the joyous part is the openness that it allows, because there is nothing there yet. And so it allows for so much to come up. I love that space. It’s difficult to cultivate without an empty wall, an empty canvas, you know,- an empty sky with no clouds.

You know if you want to fill something with a visual reference and expression, then you need that emptiness to begin with. That’s what the empty canvas is.

Flow III ~ Acrylic on Canvas

Flow IV ~ Acrylic on Canvas

Flow V ~ Acrylic on Canvas

Flow VI ~ Acrylic on Canvas