Entwined: Pittsburgh, Westinghouse Tower

//Entwined: Pittsburgh, Westinghouse Tower

Entwined: Pittsburgh, Westinghouse Tower

“Painting is so spontaneous. Sculpture, on the other hand takes more thought, planning, time, and technology.” – Marina Warren Nash

“It was a challenge. I wanted to use steel to defy its nature. It’s really only been used in architecture.” – Marina Warren Nash

11 Stanwix Street, formerly known as Westinghouse Tower, is one of the major distinctive and recognizable features of Downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The tower was originally built and named for the Westinghouse Corporation; in 1999 that company went through a restructuring and moved its headquarters to its longtime research park in the suburb of Monroeville, before expansions in their operations necessitated a move to a larger suburban complex in Cranberry Township.

11 Stanwix Street was completed on November 24, 1969, and has 23 floors. It rises 355 feet (108 meters) above Downtown Pittsburgh and is located along the Monongahela River. A ten story building that once served as the city’s main post was previously located on this site.

“Architecture resembles sculpture because both are responding to a problem. The materials are also similar.” – Marina Warren Nash

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