Discolobus: Pittsburgh, Gateway 1994

//Discolobus: Pittsburgh, Gateway 1994

Discolobus: Pittsburgh, Gateway 1994

Three Rivers Art Festival, 1994

When it comes to art, Sewickley painter-sculptor Marina Warren Nash likes to think big. “Discobulus” is the perfect example. The 34-year-old artist’s new sculpture is featured in the Three Rivers Arts Festival today through June 19.

The artwork, made of wormy chestnut and steel, shoots 9½-feet skyward at Gateway Plaza in Pittsburgh as part of the 35th annual festival’s Sculpture in the Plaza series.

“It’s almost 3,000 pounds. We needed two forklifts and a flatbed to move it,” says Nash.

A sculpture is quite a different project than a painting, she has learned. “It’s so much more permanent. It’s physical. It’s three-dimensional. It’s a different process. It’s almost like a universal truth.”

“Discobulus,” named after the Olympian discus thrower who symbolizes strength, endurance and grace, is the fourth in Nash’s “Dialogue Series” or sculptures.

The series represents “the dialogue between the anima and the animus” – the male and female aspects within everyone. “Discobulus” features abstract figures and a hero – the discus thrower.

The sculpture is Nash’s first attempt at using wood. Her previous sculptures in the series – which are in private collections in Dusseldorf, Milan and Pittsburgh – were created with metal.

“That was an adventure for me,” says Nash, who has been painting since she was 5, but sculpting only for the past 12 years. She moved to Sewickley seven years ago, after living and working in Paris, Athens and a number of U.S. cities.

The festival committee invited her to create the artwork especially for the arts exhibition. – Expressions of Self, by Debra Utterback, Times Staff June 4th 1994

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