Beyond Barriers II: The Re-Emergence of the Strong Feminine

/Beyond Barriers II: The Re-Emergence of the Strong Feminine
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Artist Statement

The Re-Emergence of the Strong Feminine consists of 7 Sculptures constructed from re-used, natural materials: cedar snow fence slats, Colorado sandstone, limestone, metal machinery, steel scrap, bronze and copper metal coatings. The 7 Sculptures are divided amongst three groups: The Caryatids, The Fates, and The Oracle.

We must go “Beyond Barriers” when questions arise which can no longer be addressed within a current frame of reference. Literally and metaphorically, Beyond Barriers II is about breaking down barriers that exist in our cultural belief systems. It is about the world’s desperate need for a Re-Emergence of the Strong Feminine (Anima) attributes within us all, in order to counteract the predominant masculine (Animus) trends of power, achievement, and detachment that have become anathema to present day survival.

In ancient Greece, the feminine principles of presence, compassion, intuition, wisdom, tolerance, (etc.) were respected and venerated. In our world gone digital, the race to keep up and achieve at great speeds, has slowly discouraged these traits. Shielded by a mask of self-creation, society hides, blocking the flow of genuine interaction, human contact, and emotion. As such traits become increasingly scarce so is a world created where individuality is being lost at every level of society. We must find within ourselves the means to break down the barriers guarding our souls so that these traits may once again emerge.

In this new series, I have chosen to make references to the strong feminine symbols within Greek Mythology. The seven pieces are divided into three interrelated groups:

I) The Three Caryatids

A caryatid (Greek: Καρυάτις, plural: Καρυάτιδες) is a sculpted female figure that serves as an architectural support via a load bearing entablature that rests upon her head.

As pillars of the earth bearing the weight of world structure upon their heads, the Caryatids are symbols of strong feminine nature.

Standing tall, they emerge from the “drain” that  cultural belief systems have imposed upon them. Each Caryatid in this trio represents a characteristic of the feminine self.

  1. Athena : Wisdom, Peace, Strategy, and Reason

materials: Cedar snow fencing slats coated in bronze, patina, sandstone and cast iron grate/drain

  1. Andromeda: Maternal figure, Mindfulness, Compassion, and Creativity

materials : Cedar snow fencing slats coated in steel, patina, sandstone, iron grate/drain

  1. Medusa: Guardian, Protecter, Fiery, and Passionate


  • Cedar snow fencing slats coated in copper
  • patina
  • sandstone
  • iron grate/drain

II) The Three Fates (Destiny)

The ancient greeks believed that there were three feminine qualities that define destiny. They are symbolized by the three daughters of Anangi (Necessity).

  1. Clotho: “The Spinner” spins the thread of life.
  2. Lakhesis: “The Weaver” interweaves the threads creating the patterns of life.
  3. Atropos: “The Apportioner” cuts the threads determining the length of life.


  • Colorado/Lyons sandstone
  • reused farm equipment
  • steel scrap
  • bronze coating
  • patina

III) The Oracle (Wishing Well)

The Oracle is a place, be it a physical one or a state of mind, that is unclouded by reason or judgement. It is a place where one goes to seek answers, to listen to ones soul, to be contemplative awaiting directive advice from within. The goddess who presided over the Oracle, was a symbol of feminine intuition, inspiration, contemplation, mystery and prophecy.

I have chosen to create this Oracle as a contemplative fountain that hovers above a surface of water. Spilling from spouts marked with clear, environmental statements “Keep my Water Clean”, the water pools into a limestone well and cascades into the body of water below it.


  • Pennsylvania Limestone (Lintel from the Heinz estate)
  • Colorado sandstone
  • cast iron drain
  • steel
  • pump for fountain function